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AirSwap (AST) is a protocol to allow it to become easier for peer to peer trading ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain while using a decentralized exchange...
AirSwap's current price is $0.027 USD. In the past 24 hours, AirSwap's price has decreased by -1.6 percents..
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AirSwap (AST)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
150.0 million
Total Supply
500.0 million
1.6 million
Market cap
4.0 million
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Pros of AirSwap (AST)

  • No trading fees
  • Easy
  • Secure

Cons of AirSwap (AST)

  • Limited Info on the website
  • Lacking originality
  • Inexperienced
  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)

AirSwap (AST) Review | Coinopsy

AirSwap (AST) is a protocol to allow it to become easier for a peer to peer trading ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain while using a decentralized exchange. The Airswap team understood there was a need to trade ERC-20 tokens faster, the coin used to pay for these “fast transaction speeds” is AST (AirSwap Token). However, the website does not state how it is better than competing decentralized exchanges with transactions speeds, security, and technology, which raises some red flags if this project is legitimate. The white paper can be viewed at (Online PDF)

  • How Does AirSwap Token Work?
  • Lock Duration
  • Team & Advisors
  • Poor Website
  • Social Media

AirSwap Token is basically a token for designed for the AirSwap decentralized exchange (DEX). Users on Airswaps DEX have a form cryptocurrency that they want to exchange for another cryptocurrency at a specific rate during a specified period, users are basically liquidity providers. The price a user offers to pay for an asset is called the bid price. The price the user wants to sell that same asset either over a short period or long period of time (usually to make a profit) is called an asking price. Users tend to hold large amounts of a specific asset and they make their money on the spread or the difference between the asking and bid prices.

Anyone can be part of the AirSwap decentralized exchange. You simply need to signal that you’re willing to trade assets. In order to signal your intention to trade, you need to possess one hundred AST, that amount of AST is then staked, or locked, for seven days in order to avoid bot manipulation in the market which can cause the value of your asset to fall in price or rise in price, therefore, become “manipulated”.

This amount and the lock duration are determined by the governance mechanism built into the AirSwap Token. Holders of AST can collectively decide on the threshold and lock period at any time. For the time being, locking one hundred AST allows users to make ten trades. Users wanting to “cash out” trade for free on the AirSwap decentralized exchange. Even if they don’t own AST, takers pay nothing to discover users via the AirSwap Indexer, receive pricing information from the AirSwap Oracle, which in turn will be settled via an Ethereum smart contract.

Overall the AirSwap team is really inexperienced with Blockchain Technology which makes us really gambling our money due to the fact they haven’t been in the Blockchain industry for long. However, advisers that have been alongside that could provide a boost to them involve some big names such as Joseph Lubin who is the Co-Founder of Ethereum & CEO of ConsenSys, Brock Pierce who is one of the Co-Founders of and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation.

An area where AirSwap lacks detail is their own website, when browsing the page I came across little to no information about the AirSwap token. They also did not include a “how it works” tab so newcomers looking at the website were unaware of the reason of the project.

Moving onto AirSwap’s social media they post quite frequently however most of the information posted isn’t relevant to their exchange or AirSwap Token this is shown in the number of followers and likes on posts (average likes is 15 and followers across three social media’s average 7K) this allows us to understand the engagement rate isn’t ideal for a company that you could hold assets in. In order for AirSwap to gain more attention they definitely need to improve their image and inform people the reason behind the project and a basic run of how it works.

AirSwap (AST) Conclusion

Overall I don’t really see the point in having AirSwap tokens or the AirSwap decentralized exchange if it isn’t different to other competitors. In order for AirSwap to improve they need to focus on features that differentiate them from competitors as well as improving their website so it can become more user-friendly which in turn could allow for an increase of users joining the exchange and holding tokens.

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