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All Sports (SOC) Review, Price, Market Cap and more

All Sports (SOC) - Soccer Platform

The All Sports team aims to bring the blockchain to the trillion dollar industry of sports entertainment. With football superstars like Eden Hazard and Sergio Aguero as ambassadors..
All Sports's current price is $0.011 USD. In the past 24 hours, All Sports's price has increased by +8.8 percents..
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All Sports (SOC)
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2.0 billion
11.5 million
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Soccer Platform
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  • Some updates


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited marketing
  • Lacks transparency
  • No working product


The All Sports team aims to bring the blockchain to the trillion dollar industry of sports entertainment. With football superstars like Eden Hazard and Sergio Aguero as ambassadors for the platform, it really does seem interesting, but let’s delve deeper than that and see what the All Sports blockchain really has to offer.

All we know about the All Sports Crowdsale is the fact that it concluded somewhere near the end of January 2018 and that 40% out of the 1 500 000 000 tokens were for sale. There’s no public information about how much the company actually managed to raise.

  • Content and Community
  • Sports IP asset trading platform
  • Prediction/entertainment platform

The All Sports platform will provide an infrastructure allowing third parties do build decentralized applications. The ecosystem will combine platform-generated user-generated input and developers to offer various content like general information, live coverage and community features in order to attract a solid user base. Users that provide online activities that contribute to the development of the platform will be tagged. Tags will be used as a system to classify the behavior, and exceptional users will be rewarded with SOC tokens for their beneficial for the platform contributions.

Content generated on the platform will be remunerated in a similar fashion, with contents with the highest quality/engagement receiving the most.

Developers are given the ability to create their own dApps and offer them to users on the platform, with all payments for these services being done in the SOC native token.

The sports IP trading platform provides connectivity between the asset owners, fans and content providers.
The platform catalogues the IP assets, making information about them fully transparent and available to anyone. Asset owners can then tokenize their assets as IP tokens, giving them the ability to be traded freely within the platform.

All Sports also offers its own prediction market and entertainment platform. Users can participate in existing prediction markets or host their own through the usage of SOC tokens. The platform will also provide third-party vendor access for the many prediction providers around the world.

There are a few, very major issues with the All Sports blockchain. The company has no working product whatsoever even almost a year after the ICO, making it purely a whitepaper project. There are no team members listed on their website aside from Eden Hazard and Sergio Aguero as ambassadors, however I managed to find no information that connects them to the platform whatsoever. The project might exit scam at any second without a trace and without any consequences.


All Sports is a very shady project. They’ve been posting bi-weekly project reports on their twitter but that’s it. No marketing, no dates given about the release of the platform. The fact that they haven’t listed any team members means the project lacks transparency, and is overall very uncommon even for the most questionable ICOs. Definitely approach with caution.


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