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Ambrosus (AMB)

Ambrosus (AMB) - Food Tracking

Ambrosus is an ecosystem based on the blockchain for supply chains, regulatory compliance that ensures the quality and origin of items tracked by the network...
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Ambrosus's current price is $0.010 USD. In the past 24 hours, Ambrosus's price has increased by +14.5 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Ambrosus (AMB)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
1.7 billion
Total Supply
6.4 billion
14.5 million
Market cap
19.9 million
Fun Name
Food Tracking
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  • Over 10 exchanges
  • Good project
  • Sweet website


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Completion
  • Platform behind


Ambrosus is an ecosystem based on the blockchain for supply chains, regulatory compliance that ensures the quality and origin of items tracked by the network. The Ambrosus platform uses distributed ledgers to integrate supply chain flows and provide transparency within every point in them.

The Ambrosus ICO managed to raise $30 000 000 in just a month.

  • Ambrosus Protocol
  • Measurements Repository
  • Requirements Smart Contract

The first component of Ambrosus’ Protocol is the Measurements Repository. The Measurements repository is a smart contract that is used to store information about products at any point in the supply chain. The system is transparent, immutable has a capability of storing large quantities of information. The Requirements Smart Contract allows the quality of the products to be compared with the contents of the Measurements Smart Contract, making it possible for multiple parties to automatically execute terms of agreements by comparing the content of the two contracts.

The Measurement’s repository manages a distributed database for product measurements. Public-private key cryptography is used to authenticate devices on the network and each device has its unique private key in order to prove its authenticity, ensuring there are no malicious data alterations. Ambrosus utilizes a dual infrastructure based on the Ethereum blockchain and a distributed storage system, making it both decentralized and easily scalable.

The Requirements smart contract is used to set definition of the quality standards of items across the tracked supply chain and is meant to work along with the Measurements Repository. The smart contract will be able to distinguish different requirements for the different products. For example, food suitable for adults, babies, animals and other niches like individuals with allergies will be categorized separately, each with its specific standards and requirements, this also applies to pharmaceutical products and pretty much anything else along the supply chain. The Amber tokens are used to power the infrastructure of the Ambrosus platform and provide the “fuel” for the different layers to interact with each other.

Ambrosus is aiming to establish itself in quite a competitive scene. Food and Drug tracking has been around for quite a while, and there are well-known companies on the market that have been doing this for decades, like GlobeRanger and Oceasoft, with both of those companies already having industry giants like Nestle and Novartis as clients. Also, Ambrosus claims the usage of a “private” blockchain in their whitepaper, which isn’t much different than a conventional database and is not completely trustless.

Ambrosus is a decent project aiming to tackle a genuine problem. However, the obstacles that stand in front of the company are not minor. The platform is clearly much behind the already established competition. The team would need to focus on executing their plan and not spread too wide initially in order not to lose focus. Only time will tell if Ambrosus succeeds or not.


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