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Apex (CPX)

Apex (CPX) - Business to Consumer

APEX will make it easy for enterprises to connect to their clients, establishing privacy-focused data sharing based on a smart contract, driven by the user’s consent...
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Apex's current price is $5.368 USD. In the past 24 hours, Apex's price has decreased by -4.1 percents..
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Apex (CPX)
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1.0 billion
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Business to Consumer
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  • Lots of staff and customers
  • Solid project


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited markets


Applications and smart contracts of today lack real-world integration and connectivity, which in terms prevents them from maximizing their true potential value.

Apex aims to become the blockchain solution for the B2C (business to consumer) enterprise by passing value and data ownership to the consumers, boosting marketing efficiency, quality of data and customer loyalty.

With a team led by a guy in Forbes 30 under 30, the ICO managed to raise $25 000 000 during the duration of its crowdsale.

  • B2C Solutions
  • Interactive
  • AI

APEX will make it easy for enterprises to connect to their clients, establishing privacy-focused data sharing based on a smart contract, driven by the user’s consent and relying on fair data sharing and transaction protocols. APEX provides businesses with the means to create a bridge of trust, making it possible for customers to consensually sell their data. APEX also allows a similar data exchange service but, in this scenario, B2B (business to business) oriented. As usual, the service is fully regulatory compliant and a consumer consent step is required if one of the two enterprises is transacting consumer data.

Studies have shown that over 52% of consumers find advertisement notifications annoying. Many users even go as far as using programs and extensions such as AdBlock because of things like pop-up ads and similar intrusive advertising methods. APEX employs a reward system where the user is rewarded with tokens for interacting with advertisement media or messages. This solution encourages user participation and increases engagement longevity, reducing annoying experiences to a minimum.

APEX will employ a combination of machine learning and AI for predictive client insights and NLP (Natural Language Processing). These processes will help enterprises tailor a marketing strategy towards potential customers and generate more impressions.

There are no major problems with APEX. The company has experience in the sector and the team seems to be composed of well known, reputable individuals. However, the platform is very complex and hard for the normal person to understand. There are many elaborate bits and parts to it, and the whitepaper makes it even harder to understand with the fluff and unneeded buzzword usage. The company is based in China which can always be a problem, as the country is known to change its stance on regulations quite often, creating an air of uncertainty with projects based out of China.


APEX is a solid project. The company has over 80 employees and over 300 customers already, tracking over 360 million consumer profiles. The team has a bunch of people that worked for names like Microsoft and Alibaba and development seems on track. Definitely one of the projects we’ll be hearing from in the future.


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