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Ardor (ARDR)

Ardor (ARDR) - Multi chain

Ardor is a multi blockchain platform with an unique architecture that separates the network processing and security chain, otherwise known as the parent chain...
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Ardor's current price is $0.070 USD. In the past 24 hours, Ardor's price has decreased by -0.3 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Ardor (ARDR)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
998.5 million
Total Supply
998.5 million
1.0 million
Market cap
69.1 million
Fun Name
Multi chain
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  • Good ecosystem
  • Lots of exchanges.


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • To many projects
  • No working product


Ardor is a multi-blockchain platform with an unique architecture that separates the network processing and security chain, otherwise known as the parent chain from the transactional chains, known as child chains. Built on the NXT platform, each child chain supports features found on the NXT blockchain, such as the ability to issue assets, trade assets, run polls or set conditional transactions among many others.

  • Parent Chain
  • Child Chains

The Parent Chain, or otherwise known as the Main Chain is the blockchain that will ensure the security of the child chains and process all of their transactions. The features on the main chain are limited in order to improve blockchain bloat, which allows blocks containing child chain transactions to be processed in under 60 seconds. Ardor also utilizes full node pruning, where transactional data on child chains is regularly removed from the nodes on the parent chain, after taking a snapshot of its most recent state, thus reducing blockchain size without causing any harm.

The Child Chains allow businesses and organizations to easily host private or public blockchains via the Ardor platform. Each individual child chain is connected to the Ardor main chain, which is responsible for transaction processing and network security. Ardor will provide an interface to allow users to construct their own blockchains with ease. As mentioned earlier, child chains will be able to support all the features of the NXT platform. Child chains can have multiple features, like blockchain accounts and aliases. It will also utilize more advanced features, like Coinshuffle, which allows users to quickly and efficiently mix funds with other users, Data Clouds which allow users to store data on the blockchain, marketplaces based on the blockchain and many more. The Ardor token is simply used for paying transaction fees.

The company behind NXT, Ignis and Arador is Jelurida. It really isn’t clear why they don’t unite all the different project under one banner. Having all those different token sales on their platform certainly makes it seem like they’re more after the money than anything else, also, community members complained that there were no individual caps for participation and many of the coins offered via their sale were sold out to bots with enormous balances. Also, Ardor still has no working product.


Mistakes can certainly be forgiven, and despite the team showing incompetence in a few instances, Ardor remains a decent project. The combined ecosystem between it, NXT and Ignis with its unique features provide a strong value proposition, if the final product can manage to meet the expectations of both consumers and investors.


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