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Asch (XAS)

Asch (XAS) - Building Blocks

Asch is a developing a platform that allows its users to get directly involved in their decentralized app. Instead of a central server, this software stores data on a public blockc..
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Asch's current price is $0.110 USD. In the past 24 hours, Asch's price has decreased by 0.0 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Asch (XAS)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
121.0 million
Market cap
12.8 million
Fun Name
Building Blocks
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Asch is a developing a decentralized platform that allows its users to get directly involved in their decentralized applications. Instead of a central server, this software stores data on a public blockchain.
The software of Asch has been used to build available-for-download applications as well.

It was developed so that users could program their DAPPS.

Also, the online wallet makes it easy for anyone to use the platform. It is a different kind of platform, that is designed to be more productive to use than other platforms in the market.

  • ASCH flexible DAPPS developer toolkit system
  • ASCH XAS coin for decentralized blockchain application technology
  • ASCH team
  • ASCH service

An ecosystem that facilitates operations and controls how things run in the platform. Asch will be favored by the users because it is quite easy to use. You can use the program to run different applications and then also use it to improve the performance.

To secure the chains, Asch produces a public chain also a set of SDKs that are brand new. Across cross chain protocols, and with blockchain technology, it has the capability of working efficiently.

DAPPS are the next gen decentralized apps. They serve different purposes like regular apps. With the help of Asch platform, one can develop, run or find best DAPPS.

According to the company, algorithmic trading, asset changes, copyright protection, crowdfunding, social media are only a few of the many possible uses such a software architecture has to offer.

Independent developers, as well as large enterprises, will find this product desirable, suggests the company’s whitepaper. This is a stable programming interface that takes away hours of useless software development and avoiding low-level functions.

If there are too many users submitting application data to a blockchain, they will grow too big and can cause issues. A sidechain, however, can store and retain larger amounts of data.

The company is based in China, and no information in English is available about the developers or founders. Only a few of the thirteen contributors of the project Github repository are handling most of the work.
The company has presented an open source model, so that the users can check the security and quality for themselves. Apart from publishing their software this way, they also require all programs to be made as such.

The company is growing rapidly and has many thousand followers on social media. Many Chinese organizations have also partnered up with the company.

Along with several applications that were made using Asch’s software, it is ready for downloading. Four different packages have been released by the company. These are

1. Wallets for mobile computers and desktops ( in this case, all apps do not involve currency. Still, because their function is the same as that of cryptocurrencies, they are called wallets)

2. A node which is used to store the block chains of applications.

3. And for the sake of connection with these nodes, a light client.

The node package can only be used by 64-bit Linux users. However, other software is available for Linux computers, Mac OSX, and windows. Only some apps which are developed using the software are paid. Otherwise, the software is free.


Asch platform can be handy for the programmers that are interested in making DAPPS. However, the creators of the platforms are anonymous. Apart from that, it is okay to keep an eye out for them.


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