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Aston (ATX) is there to provide document distribution services that according to them, will remove all headaches associated with document distribution.

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Aston = Document Distribution

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Circulating Supply (824 Million)

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Modern companies need to address document distribution if they want to achieve success. There is nothing as bad late documents or lost documents and delayed transfers can all result in major losses to a company. Also, when companies are transmitting sensitive documents, they need to ensure that these documents are properly secured. Aston (ATX) is there to provide document distribution services that according to them, will remove all headaches associated with document distribution.

Key Features

  • Initial coin offering
  • Secure platform
  • Making contemporary blockchain architecture redundant
  • key infrastructure

Initial coin offering

Aston also plans an initial coin offering with which it hopes to gather capital required to build their platform, which is expected to be built on top of the X-chain blockchain. This will give you many benefits that other blockchain technologies are not able to provide. This platform will transform itself to a totally distributed, decentralized document distribution platform that will do away entirely with 3rd party document authentication and transfers.

Secure platform

The Aston platform is a secure automatic document distribution platform whose main benefit is its ability to deliver multi-factor authentication at each step of the process. Also, this platform is integrated with various blockchain technologies to ensure better security. No doubt, the blockchain technology offers total security but it is not well adapted to storage as well as circulation of documents in electronic form.

These documents need to be updated regularly which is where Aston (ATX) comes in as it operates on a new blockchain network that is known as X-chain. This network is well suited for the distribution and circulation as well as management of secure documents.

Making contemporary blockchain architecture redundant

The X-chain network makes contemporary blockchain architecture redundant as it puts in place a multi-dimensional structure whose main benefit is that of facilitating vastly scalable electronic document authentication. Furthermore, besides the wholly new blockchain architecture, the Aston (ATX) platform also incorporates a security layer that is known as Smart-PassOn.

key infrastructure

This layer integrates public key infrastructure and biometric signature authentication to create the most effective two-factor authentication at each stage of the platform. The Aston platform is already being used in various enterprise businesses as well as hospitals in Korea.


The Aston ICO is very unique and has proved to be a viable product. If you want to invest in a promising ICO, then this is the one to go for. At present, no red flags were raised regarding Aston and so it is safe to assume that there are no problems related to the service. This makes it an interesting investment.


  • biometric signature authentication
  • two-factor authentication
  • Interesting idea


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)