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The bottom line is BHPCash is aiming to fill the gaps left by the more traditional cryptocurrencies. It is designed to give you a low cost and efficient solution...
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BHPCash's current price is $0.774 USD. In the past 24 hours, BHPCash's price has decreased by 0.0 percents..
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Price (USD)
Active Supply
8.9 million
Total Supply
46.7 million
Max Supply
Market cap
6.9 million
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  • Fast
  • Many functions
  • Fixes many issues of BTC


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


Bitcoin has been around for almost a decade but it is still plagued by a few problems. For example, it does not have the strongest encryption algorithm and it is not very effective when pitted against quantum computer anti-quantum computing. Also, Bitcoin has a high service charge and transaction rates are also slow. Worse still, Bitcoin is deflationary.

BHPCash has been developed to address the above-mentioned problems. It makes use of valuable cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and combines strong mining hash power support to give you the best commercial circulation environments. BHPCash is a digital asset infrastructure running on Blockchain. It is really a decentralized bank that makes use of bitcoin hash power as collateral.

  • Connecting miners and users
  • Good option
  • High frequency payments
  • ICO Information

BHPCash is there to connect miners and users using smart contracts to match supply against demand. When it does this, BHPCash provides miners as well as users with more revenue options. BHPCash is a valuable medium that has a number of capabilities including but not limited to intelligent mining control, exchange and transfer as well as point to point transfer. It also is great for reinvestment and assets settlement.

BHPCash is a good option because it offers flexibility using continued mining to generate revenues and repurchase BHPC and in doing so, ensures value stability. In addition, it also offers diversified digital financial products like mortgage and asset replacement contract derivative. Since it has very strong calculation strength and a large user base, BHPCash is the perfect option for you when you are looking for financial services.

Also, it provides a high frequency payment for cross-border trade payments as well as E-commerce payments and supply chain finance. Best of all, it offers low transaction costs. This is made possible because it uses its own independent blockchain to develop trading applications and this way it makes global transactions cost much less.

The ICO began on twentieth February 2018 and concluded on 6th march 2018. There are almost 75 million BHPC available with a pre-ICO price of 1BHPC the equivalent of 0.55 USD. The initial coin price of 1BHPC was 0.7 USD.


BHPCash makes full use of strong hash power to establish Proof of Power mechanism resulting in high concurrency and low cost as well as very safe international transaction payment system. Users who make use of BHPCash can look forward to greater convenience and efficient financial and derivative services.

This in turn leads to shortened auditing periods as well as faster trading. Also, the quality and efficiency of financial services provided is very high. The bottom line is BHPCash is aiming to fill the gaps left by the more traditional cryptocurrencies. So, it really does make sense to try out BHPCash as it is designed to give you a low cost and efficient solution.


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