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Bitcoiin (B2G)

Bitcoiin (B2G) - New Bitcoin

Bitcoiin or Bitcoiin2Gen is the world’s first self sufficient cryptocurrency eco-system. Or, in simpler words, the company behind the coin claims that they’ve created the new and improved next-gen Bitcoin..
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Bitcoiin's current price is $0.001 USD. In the past 24 hours, Bitcoiin's price has decreased by -3.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Bitcoiin (B2G)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
52.8 million
Total Supply
59.2 million
Market cap
Fun Name
New Bitcoin
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  • Future thinking


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited exchanges
  • Limited Information on the site


Bitcoiin or Bitcoiin2Gen is the world’s first self-sufficient cryptocurrency eco-system. Or, in simpler words, the company behind the coin claims that they’ve created the new and improved next-gen Bitcoin (BTC).
Better than Bitcoin?

For starters, one can’t help but notice that the ecosystem claims to be self-sufficient. What does that mean?

Let’s hop into our little time machine and take ourselves back a couple of years to the autumn of 2016. That’s the time when a passionate group of individuals has managed to impress investors with their concept enough to raise $50 million from the get-go.

Needless to say, a starting capital like that has proved to be rather useful in making Bitcoiin particularly potent from the day of the launch.

  • The mining ecosystem
  • Ethereum blockchain
  • A pinch of salt

Following the success of Bitcoin, Bitcoiin went with the same Proof-of-Work mining protocol. The company has partnered with Dragon Miner, a massive player on the Chinese market to meet with the demands of the modern-day world of mining.

More on the matter, Bitcoiin has its own unique wallet and exchange partners effectively closing the loop of self-sustainability.

Bitcoiin doesn’t follow its predecessor blindly. It is, after all, a “next-gen” cryptocurrency that chooses to take the best from two worlds – BTC and ETH.

Yes, Bitcoiin is based on the Ethereum blockchain to benefit from its speed and the Smart Contract technology that allows establishing a simple and intuitive set of ground rules that enforce compliance.
Why is this important?

In our day and age Bitcoin is simply not as effective as a tool for P2P transactions. It’s also far from being the perfect investment opportunity.

With increased transaction speed, a secure setting and rule-based mining Bitcoiin solves these issues with ease.

To top things off, Bitcoiins brand ambassador is none other than the 80es action movie star and zen master Steven Seagal. Sure, the start might not be as popular as he was in back in the day, but he is definitely rising in popularity among millennials and his name is enough to attract attention to the ecosystem.

For all intents and purposes, we are obligated to warn you about a series of strange events that might not mean anything in the long run but are raising a series of concerns today.

  • The website: Bitcoiin’s website is not informative at all. It is basically a landing page with two links leading to mining instructions and to the exchange.
  • The team: There is no information about neither the team nor the owners available.
  • Lack of an edge. Bitcoiin doesn’t bring anything particularly new or innovative to the table while attempting to piggyback ride an established project’s fame.


All things considered, we wouldn’t advise you to invest in Bitcoiin just yet, but feel free to check out the project and please keep an eye on it in case a massive opportunity pops up


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