BitShares (BTS) Review, Price, Market Cap and more | Coinopsy

BitShares (BTS) Review, Price, Market Cap and more | Coinopsy

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BitShares (BTS) - Free Market Exchange

BitShares allows you to buy and sell crypto over a exchange style platform. Without need to trust a central authority to handle all the funds...
Name (Ticker)
BitShares (BTS)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
2.7 billion
Total Supply
2.7 billion
Max Supply
3.6 billion
8.0 million
Market cap
92.3 million
Fun Name
Free Market Exchange
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Pros of BitShares (BTS)

  • Many exchanges can be connected to bitshares
  • Free market dynamics
  • Fast and scales well

Cons of BitShares (BTS)

  • Waves is better funded and has better PR.

BitShares (BTS) Review

Bitshares is lighting fast with block time around two seconds.

Another thing I like about Bitshares is the fact your username is your wallet address. This makes payments easier as you don’t have to remember or store some random string.

Bitshares claim to be able to handle over 100,000 trasactions per second. This not only make BTS fast but miles ahead on volume of traders and payments compered to other currencies.

BitShares (BTS) Company Message

( The BitShares platform itself is run and maintained by the BitShares community–an open consortium of individuals and organizations committed to providing universal access to the power of smart contracts.

Working together, this community has designed and developed the platform to include numerous innovative features which are not found elsewhere within the smart contract industry.


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