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Bittwatt (BWT)

Bittwatt (BWT) - Energy Platform

Bittwatt is a decentralized matchmaking platform that has the objective of providing a space for the connection of all the relevant actors involved in the energy market...
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Bittwatt's current price is $0.006 USD. In the past 24 hours, Bittwatt's price has increased by +11.2 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Bittwatt (BWT)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
307.0 million
Total Supply
338.6 million
Market cap
1.7 million
Fun Name
Energy Platform
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  • Future thinking


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited exchanges
  • Behind on roadmap


Bittwatt is a decentralized matchmaking platform that has the objective of providing a space for the connection of all the relevant actors involved in the energy market, ranging from the people who produce the electricity to the consumers. The company has created a blockchain service that will be useful for the creation a system that can get energy supply, billing and balance for all.

  • Energy Matchmaking
  • Token

The platform intends to cut the bureaucracy and as many middlemen as possible by connecting consumption metrics and other data on the blockchain, while streamlining operations and diminishing the operational costs of the companies and their associated transfer fees, which are usually very high. Bittwatt was created to optimize energy flows and to terminate energy waste once and for all. Thanks to the technology provided by the blockchain, people do not even need to trust each other because smart contracts will do everything in their power to arrange the business automatically and assure security for both sides while people do not need to do anything except accept them.

The company’s final goal is the creation of an ecosystem which can be both empowering for both individual users and companies while also not wasting energy and being environment-friendly. Bittwatt will use P2P settlements that will enable faster and transparent solutions and watch consumer profiles. This will enable the company to have a smart demand-response supply, which will be discovered using AI. The ecosystem will be made from the desktop and the mobile apps of Bittwatt. They will allow peer to peer transactions, energy arbitrage and exchange (enabling users to buy and store energy to be used or sold when the prices are higher) and create energy roaming networks.

Main uses of the BWT token include, but are not restricted to:

  • Payment for the products and services offered by Bittwatt.
  • Settlement between produced and consumed energy for prosumers. Producers of energy also consume it by being part of the grid so we are balancing their consumption based on how much they pump in the grid against how much they take out.
  • Foundation for the development of tokens used within certain geographies. We are aware that some of the countries using our platform need a currency for their internal trading flow. Therefore, based on BWT, new tokens will be built.

The project seems to be behind on their roadmap currently, having no working platform and all of their b2b/b2c concepts are currently a work in progress.


Bittwatt could be an innovative solution for a problem that the world is going to have to face soon: energy will probably get more expensive if the current model continues because the world’s population is growing. It is crucial that the team stays on top of their game and continue development on their project.


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