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BlockStamp (BST) Review, Price, Market Cap and more

BlockStamp (BST) - Fairness and Freedom

BlockStamp is a multipurpose Bitcoin blockchain fork designed to promote liberty, transparency, and sovereignty in areas of the digital economy where these fundamental values are most at risk.
BlockStamp's current price is $0.172 USD. In the past 24 hours, BlockStamp's price has increased by +15.4 percents..
Name (Ticker)
BlockStamp (BST)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
26.3 million
Total Supply
33.8 million
Market cap
4.5 million
Fun Name
Fairness and Freedom
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BST blockchain

Bases on the near-tamper proof Bitcoin blockchain.

Halving schedule

The number of BST generated per block equals 1 BST and is constant all over the time.

Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm

The rate of block creation is adjusted by DAA algorithm (similar to Bitcoin Cash - BCH).

Decreased block time up to 1 min

Short transaction time means faster payment. Quicker confirmations give you more security.

BST Supply

The number of BST increases by an average of 500 000 BST each year.

Increased transaction size up to ~ 1MB

One transaction can accommodate whole documents and signatures. Bigger transactions mean more data stored.


BlockStamp Games is a blockchain-powered gambling edutainment platform designed to fight the “gambler’s fallacy” that pure chance can be controlled. It offers a radically fair gambling experience in: 

  • Single-player games with on-chain pseudorandom number generation and
  • Multiplayer games with fast off-chain pseudorandom number generation.

You can enjoy playing lotto, slots, roulette, crypto dice, and blackjack. Poker and the childhood classic rock-paper-scissors are coming soon.  In the single-player games there is no house edge: a scenario practically unheard of in the industry. There are no fees at all other than a small miner’s fee to place a bet (as would be necessary for any other type of transaction on the BlockStamp blockchain).Multiplayer games in the platform’s “Rooms” have a unique, hybrid form of house edge. It is a 1% success fee charged on wins. No fee is collected on losses. Players are able to administer their own Room to play with their friends and followers and: 

  • earn 50% of the Room’s profits,
  • encourage new players to join the Room with an airdrop, and
  • boost the Room’s list rank to make it more visible.

The platform’s exclusive betting currency is the BST, the BlockStamp blockchain’s native crypto coin. Winnings can therefore be withdrawn quickly and easily. Players can get BST on many cryptocurrency exchanges and get started playing in just a few minutes.


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Residential proxy service where BST is used as means of exchange. A place to rent your IP address to earn out of it and to use residential IP addresses for market research for example.