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Bottos (BTO)

Bottos (BTO) - AI Data

Bottos have made some ground in AI workplace, with lots of features and a top notch team. The sharing network will be the next thing to keep an eye on over the coming months. Bottos was made to help the AI companies pay to create projects. These companies need large amounts of data for things like A
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Bottos's current price is $0.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, Bottos's price has increased by +4.6 percents..
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Bottos (BTO)
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546.0 million
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1.0 billion
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AI Data
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  • AI
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This puts small and medium-size businesses at a huge disadvantage, and other government entities and students face the same problem of not having enough data to perform their computations. Thus, to facilitate such students and other people and communities who face problems in acquiring data, Bottos is solving this problem with blockchain solution for data sharing. It is a platform that allows the implementation of registration, distribution and transformation system for the data among the different participant who need data for their AI solution.

Bottos (BTO) help the AI companies to pay to create the projects that need large amounts of data such as AI facial recognition. To make the system understand the boundary of the face, we need the pictures, and people have copyrights on their pictures. But if we allow others to use our pictures, then one cannot claim the right of property over the use of pictures.

This is where Bottos comes to help the community by engaging them in a group and allowing them to share their pictures for the data. Or it can be a voice recognition system as well where speech data of different people is required for the efficient performance of the system. This now becomes a data asset which you can sell to AI project and users will get BTOs for these assets.

To ensure the quality of the data providers, the credit rating system is also implemented. BTO has a strong team and partnerships which will grow out of Asia once people get to know about it. It is one of those currencies which is still unknown to many, but you’ll be surprised to know that BTO did their first ICO on Jan1 and they were sold out in less than 48 hours.

Although many people are still unaware of this currency because the team has not yet started marketing out of Asia region. Their major competitors are deep brain Chain (DBC) and SingularityNET.

Bottos is better than its competitors regarding their data quality and providing the best models. Bottos are expected to build the world’s most efficient data sharing network called the Data Market with their data asset. However, users will have the clear ownership of their data quality. Bottos are also expected to build an AI model sharing network, called the ModelMarket, to facilitate the effective management of the AI development cycle.

You can think of Bottos as Ethereum of AI. Bottos will eventually have its blockchain, where projects can create tokens and hold crowd sales on the platform. They will implement the global IP database for AI data and models through registration and will implement a hardware sharing network using Botto’s chain for AI product registration to ensure proper communication among IoTs. Due to lesser exposure to market outside Asia, people will start buying BTOs and prices are expected to rise higher in the future once it goes into the global market.

The team behind the Bottos has the world-class professionals. Tingting Wang is its co-founder who was chief marketing officer of NEO cryptocurrency.

The CEO, Xin Song, has over 15 years of experience in the top tier companies. Other team members share the high profile experiences at the top leading companies of the world.


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