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Cashaa (CAS) Review, Price, Market Cap and more

Cashaa (CAS) - Bank 2.0

Cashaa definitely seems to be a legit project. Their team checks out and they’ve won multiple awards and nominations as a crypto startup project...
Cashaa's current price is $0.004 USD. In the past 24 hours, Cashaa's price has increased by +15.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Cashaa (CAS)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
756.9 million
Total Supply
1.0 billion
Market cap
2.8 million
Fun Name
Bank 2.0
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  • Solid project
  • Good idea
  • Good team
  • Awards


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Limited exchanges
  • Big competition


Many businesses evolve throughout their existence. They start going into new ventures and take calculated risks more frequent than not. This is the case with Cashaa, which started as a blockchain-powered forex platform in 2016 and now aims to become a banking solution of a next generation.

During the duration of both the presale and ICO, Cashaa managed to raise over $18 000 000.

  • Structure
  • Token

The Cashaa ecosystem is divided into five main components


The CASConnect is the first step for each participant. They have undergo basic KYC where they have to get their email ID and phone number verified. The layer will also interact with government entities and banks to use existing customer verification.


The CASNet enables smart contract deployment for a decentralized economy. The layer would be using smart contract protocols from projects like Agrello and Qtum.


The CASFabric is the middle layer of the network. It will set the core components of the decentralized exchange and the messaging network. The layer has the required tools allowing administrators to add new cryptocurrencies, fiat markets and trader partner contracts.


The CASChain allows the network to be interoperable and cryptocurrency neutral. The various coins and tokens will be integrated in CASConnect, therefore allowing Cashaa to become a trusted choice when it comes to interoperability.


CASFiat will be the layer that incorporates cash instruments within the network.

CAS is Cashaa’s native EIP-20 token and is used for paying for services and fueling the internal mechanism of the ecosystem. CAS holders have numerous benefits, including higher forex transfers and double ATM allowance.

Cashaa doesn’t have any big issues. The only problem with the company is that there’s no working product at this stage and the bigger problem of being in the payment-processing sector, which means that Cashaa has some fierce competition. With many well-established competitors like OmiseGo that are much more ahead in terms of development, implementation and marketing, it really brings the question of whether Cashaa will manage to establish itself on the market.


Cashaa definitely seems to be a legit project. Their team checks out and they’ve won multiple awards and nominations as a crypto startup project. The main issue is still the competition in the sector, but with proper development and a working product, Cashaa will most definitely be able to establish itself on the blockchain payment-processing markets.


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