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Civic (CVC) Review, Price, Market Cap and more

Civic (CVC) - Protection

Civic (CVC) is a secure identity ecosystem developed for businesses & individuals to have access to the tools to control and protect identities...
Civic's current price is $0.019 USD. In the past 24 hours, Civic's price has increased by +21.2 percents..
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Civic (CVC)
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Active Supply
670.0 million
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1.0 billion
6.8 million
Market cap
12.7 million
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  • Secure data


  • Reliability of the authentication factors
  • No physical backing (asset, profits, commodity)


Civic (CVC) is a secure identity ecosystem developed for businesses & individuals to have access to the tools to control and protect identities. Civic is a blockchain-based technology company seeking to provide low-cost, universal identity theft protection on a global scale. Users will be able to use their phone, which has information like name and passport number in order to identify themselves at alcohol stores, airports or across borders in order to save potential documents that could be lost. The white paper can be viewed here


Overall Civic’s Ecosystem project is to have a secure and decentralized identity system in order to remove the need for paper documents that can be lost easily. One key problem I thought about was the reliability of the authentication factors as seen with iPhone, Samsung models the fingerprint isn’t one hundred percent going to work each time. If they can avoid certain problems such as those I can see them gaining some attention from big businesses or individuals.


Hack Protection

In order for Civic to protect itself from an attack, they don’t keep personally identifiable information. Instead, data is stored within the Civic App on the user’s mobile device, in order to stop data breaches so they aren’t responsible that user is if they lose access to their phone. 

Transactions may not be completed without a biometric proof of identities, such as a facial, voice recognition or other key biometrics mentioned above, in order to ensure that only users can access their sensitive personal information.

Civic will be used at Insured Declared Value (IDV) Services this allows the identity validator and identity prover to receive civic paid in transactions as a reward for mutually sharing information.

Secure Identity Platform

The Secure Identity Platform is known as SIP which uses blockchain technology in order to keep users identities, decentralized and secure. The Secure Identity Platform offers multiple factor authentication techniques such as fingerprints, face recognition and heartbeat in order to verify that the account is the users. 

The Secure Identity Platform is combining multiple reputable sources with fraud detection algorithms, manual auditing, and their own internal decision engine in order to be at a high pass rate for legitimate users while mitigating the risks of fraudulent behaviour. 

Civic also provides private keys that are generated by a third-party wallet, providing a firewall between Civic and users’ keys. The Civic platform is therefore not a valuable target for hackers due to decentralization of the data and multiple factor authentications in order to keep it secure.


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