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Cortex (CTXC)

Cortex (CTXC) - Smart AI

Cortex is a machine-learning platform featuring smart AI contracts. It allows users to hassle-free add their original contracts. Models are provided to use on Cortex’s blockchain...
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Cortex's current price is $0.120 USD. In the past 24 hours, Cortex's price has increased by +0.3 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Cortex (CTXC)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
215.3 million
Total Supply
299.8 million
Market cap
26.1 million
Fun Name
Smart AI
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  • Machine Learning


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Not over 12 months old.


Cortex is a machine-learning platform featuring smart AI contracts. It allows users to hassle-free add their original contracts. Models are provided to use on Cortex’s blockchain. 

The existing blockchain contracts are all restricted to simple calculations. This further limits the practical application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which Cortex intends to solve.

Cortex is a decentralized system that likes to stay autonomous utilizing the blockchain. Users can put tasks on the platform and submit related and supporting applications.


AI has been taken in as the next revolutionary innovation in the coming future. Cortex being decentralized offers better-recorded improvement. Anyone can have an idea or solution, but will others listen. Cortex eases that. AI in itself has vast potential regardless of implementation.

Cortex is collaborative, so contributions and solutions are easier to get. Cortex has excellent future potential. If AI sparks your interest, then watch Cortex.

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The supply is 299.792,458. About fifty percent is used as rewards for CTXC miners. 25% is reserved for project foundation in the genesis block. 15% is kept for the Cortex lab and most of the rest for funding.
CTXC cannot be bought with “fiat” currency. Any user would first need to buy some other cryptocurrency. Then exchange for CTXC.

Many major universities in China and across are partnered with Cortex. Notable ones being Stanford University and UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Labs. Bitmain and FBG Capital are significant investors in the goal of the project. Ubitus has announced that it will accept CTXC as a payment currency. Ubitus is the largest GPU cloud service platform in Asia.


With the smart AI contracts programs of machine-learning are directly written on top of the blockchain. It is made more accessible by the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM), and it is compatible with EVM. Cortex Intelligent Inference Framework (CIIF) can be globally loaded with AI and machine-learning data models and downloaded for use. All nodes synchronize every inference that is made with the CIIF storage, and they must agree.

CTXC is the Cortex token. The sale privately began on Feb 7 till March 7 2018. 1 ETH was sold for 1,500 CTX. The public sale ended in March upon reaching cap target. Lead investors were Bitmain and FBG. 60 million CTX were sold for 40,000 ETH.


The name CORTEX was decided as it is closely related to neuroscience and is biologically the outermost part of the cerebrum of the brain. Both closely studied in AI and deep-learning.The team of cortex wants the world to implement AI in their practical life better and make it useful. Cortex features state-of-arts machine-learning platform. It also provides models on machine learning for users. This is all used through smart contracts.

Commonly AI is used to inform you if it’s raining. If it is then further advised you to take an umbrella. By using Cortex AI, it can somewhat predict the weather. With this user would receive information before the possible conditions occurring.


The CEO of Cortex is Ziqi Chen. He has Masters of Science in civil & machine-learning, he also got a Masters in Computer Science. Ziqi has broad experience in mining, the blockchain, e-commerce and also consensus algorithms. He is the co-founder of Weiyang Yang is the CTO of Cortex and is a Masters of Science in Statistics. He is a certified manager of financial risk. Weiyang also has experience regarding deep-learning and Cryptography.


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