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Credo (CREDO)

Credo (CREDO) - Paymail

Essentially, Credo is an application that allows users to use the power of digital currencies in multiple ways, and with proven benefits for different customer profiles including t..
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Credo's current price is $0.012 USD. In the past 24 hours, Credo's price has increased by +9.4 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Credo (CREDO)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
549.9 million
Total Supply
1.4 billion
Market cap
6.8 million
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  • Income potential
  • possible backing
  • Interesting Idea


  • Not Listed on over 10 exchanges
  • Might not catch on.


Essentially, Credo is an application that allows users to leverage the power of digital currencies in multiple ways, and with proven benefits for different customer profiles including traders, customers and sellers. There is something for everyone in Credo, and the carefully planned features make this platform incredibly easy to use, while integrating the right kind of features that can inspire a larger audience to sit up and take notice. The white paper can be viewed at (36 Pages PDF)

  • What is Bitbounce?
  • Earning Credo with Bitbounce
  • The Credo Card
  • Investing in the Company

Most people get a lot of emails each day some of these messages originate from spammers and con artists. A few messages can be diamonds that can be lost in the dirt. BitBounce plans to enable you to dig the carats by setting up a channel. You set up BitBounce, and it captures each email coming into your email inbox. BitBounce will naturally react to every sender and request that they pay a little sum in BTC. On the off chance that they pay that charge, at that point their message will experience to your essential email inbox. The main objective of BitBounce is to shield us from email spam.


Personally we think the idea is a bad idea for the regular person, you will basically just get email advertising AKA spam because, that is just how spammers think. Invest 0.00001btc and be at the top of email accounts. Odds are it will be un-targeted and just trash you would rather not see. Plus gmail and other emails have very very good spam protection.

After setting up BitBounce, you’ll be able to charge people you don’t know a cryptocurrency fee to deliver an email for your inbox. That means you’ll get a curated inbox of emails from people who are willing to pay for your attention. It also means reduced spam, scams, and other noise. Let’s say you’re a major investment figure like Tim Draper (listed in the BitBounce white paper and is an investor in the company). Tim Draper’s public email addresses get thousands of emails per day from people seeking funding. What would happen, however, if Tim Draper charged $10,000 to receive an email from an unsolicited address? How many startups would be willing to pay for that email and how much more serious would those startups be?


For celebrities or something similar this could be good, they could make a very good chuck of money for minimal work. Filter out all low end spam. Interesting to say the least. Most regular people would probably only get 0.0001C per email


Credo could go either way, this will come down to marketing and implementation. Worth adding to the watch list


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