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Crypto com supports any and all major crypto coins. It allows users to shop anywhere online and pay for products or services with the currency of their choosing.

Joke Name

Crypto com = Buy Online

Basic Intro

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Exchange Ticker (MCO)

Coin or Token

Circulating Supply (15.8 Million)

Total Supply (31.5 Million)

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Crypto com supports any and all major crypto coins. It allows users to shop anywhere online and pay for products or services with the currency of their choosing. The system simplifies interactions between merchants and shoppers and opens new, secure, cost-efficient markets.

Key Features

  • The Problem
  • The vision
  • The strategy

The problem

Any crypto project is only as big as the problem it is designed to deal with. So what is Crypto com trying to fix?

Digital economy and the entirety of the online shopping market!

Wow, that’s big. But is there a need for a “solution” in an industry as vast and flexible? Yes, according to Crypto com, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Particularly, the team behind Crypto Com aims at fixing the issues fiat exchange brings, such as:

  • Strict rules and centralization
  • High margins and money transfer fees
  • Limited flexibility and the lack of new technological solutions

The vision

The founders of the project believe that decentralization is an important element of building a better society. They wish to accelerate the global transition to cryptocurrencies by providing an efficient solution for holders of all kinds of various crypto coins.

Thus they have created the Crypto Com, a blockchain-native system designed to simplify transactions between crypto users and merchants from all over the world.

The strategy

The team behind Crypto Com have developed an interesting go-to-market strategy that is supposed to guarantee the early adoption of the project.

The strategy stands on four whales:

  • Providing crypto users with a convenient way to actually spend their assets
  • Removing any transaction fees from a merchant’s list of things to worry about (many businesses nowadays have too much on their plate as is)
  • A simple, intuitive user experience
  • A safe, decentralized way of processing transactions

The token

The project has its own CRO Token. The interesting thing about it is that it is only used for secondary distribution. There will be no pre-sale, public sale, or ICO sale activities.

The token will be used internally to enable cross-asset exchanges as all of the users of the network will be using it as their primary currency. Or, in simpler words, you will be purchasing CRO in exchange for your crypto and the merchants will be paid in CRO for their goods and services.

Additionally, every member of the network will be rewarded with additional tokens for participating in the validation of the transaction.

This is a great use of the Token mechanics as it introduces actual use cases to a utility token and generates demand for it both internally and outside the network.


The project manages to cater to everyone: merchants get rid of the necessity to pay a commission from the funds they’ve received while the crypto users can use the whole variety of their assets to make online purchases. This removes the need to lose a portion of the asset on multiple exchanges of crypto pairs.


  • Simple
  • Working platform
  • Useful
  • Lots of exchanges


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)