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CyberMiles (CMT)

CyberMiles (CMT) - E-commerce

The CyberMiles (CMT) vision is to replace Amazon with a library of smart contracts that can be used by virtually every ecommerce provider. It may be too early to say whether it will succeed...
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CyberMiles's current price is $0.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, CyberMiles's price has increased by +2.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
CyberMiles (CMT)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
800.0 million
Total Supply
1.0 billion
Market cap
1.7 million
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  • Fast
  • Good Team
  • Big Market


  • Long way off releasing the platform
  • Highly competitive
  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


If you are looking for a blockchain platform that ensures quick ecommerce transactions, then look no further than the one called CyberMiles (CMT). This project from 5miles (a well-known and industry leading ecommerce company) in the US is responsible for creating protocols and a library of smart contracts that bodes well for ecommerce activities in the years to come.


CyberMiles (CMT) is the brainchild of Lucas Lu, who is the founder of 5miles. He is accompanied by Michael Yuan who has a doctorate in Astrophysics and who leads the scientific projects.


CyberMiles (CMT) platform managed to raise about thirty million dollars in an ICO and also distributed four hundred and twenty million CMT. It is expected that this platform will prove to be attractive to the 12 million 5miles consumers who will begin to accept CMT as payment starting from the summer this year. By the time this year comes to an end, CyberMiles (CMT) hopes to launch the v1.0 of its blockchain.


There are good reasons to go for a new ecommerce platform. No doubt, there are already plenty of them but though they deliver attractively priced goods, this comes at the cost of competition and innovation. As a brand expands its reach, it will become more successful.

The CyberMiles (CMT) vision is to replace Amazon with a library of smart contracts that can be used by virtually every ecommerce provider. It may be too early to say whether it will succeed. However, having a central authority ensures quicker processing times as well as centralized resolution of disputes. The creation of an open ecommerce platform is one more example of where blockchain can do away with middlemen institutions.

Where to Buy

If you wish to buy CyberMiles (CMT), then you can do so on these exchanges including Huobi and Binance as well as OKEx and BiBox. Other exchanges that you can use to buy CyberMiles (CMT) include IDEX and Cobinhood. If you wish to store your CyberMiles (CMT), you can do so on an Ethereum Wallet. The best wallets include those such as MyEtherWallet and Ledger Nano S.


For believers in the concept of decentralized marketplaces for ecommerce, CyberMiles (CMT) is the perfect option. Created and run by a team of highly qualified individuals, CyberMiles (CMT) holds a lot of promise in the years to come. Of course, there are many significant challenges that CyberMiles (CMT) faces in its quest to create a high throughput network.

The team behind CyberMiles (CMT) has to find out the best way to resolve disputes while using decentralized governance. As of now, CyberMiles (CMT) is quite a long way off from releasing its first version of the platform. Till this happens, you need to mind your step and proceed with caution as well as optimism.


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