Dash (DASH)

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Dash lets you make payments in seconds with there quick network, much faster than most other coins, just like using normal cash.

Our Joke Name

Dash = Quick Cash

Basic Intro

Link to the main website

Link to price/market cap

Exchange Ticker (DASH)

Coin or Token

Circulating Supply (8 Million)

Max Supply (19 Million)

Block time (under 3 minutes)

Market Cap Ranking


Dash stands for digital cash and aims at being the most user friendly digital currency available in the world. The project focuses on; privacy, global merchants, ease of use, speed, and low fees.

Key Features

  • Private
  • Digital Cash



Privatesend is the term used to describe the procedure used to keep transactions private. In the future, some crypto currencies could be “red listed” and lose value if in the past they had been used for illegal activities. Privatesend mitigates this by deconstructing each transaction and remixing according to a new recipe of randomness and nodes. Further explanation on their cash cookery can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=528&v=vgCId3wJc5Y

Digital Cash

One of the main features of Dash is the ability to use it just like cash, and right throughout the world. Their website allows you to locate merchants in your area. A quick search for food in Sydney, Australia produced no results, and the chances of getting a cup of coffee in Tokyo, Japan also seem slim.

At this stage Dash claims 800 merchants throughout the world, but in the larger scope of things Dash is a wee way off mass adoption. However, the Dash team have made it free and easy for businesses to join, which should encourage wider participation.


Dash provides a service to use digital cash throughout the glove. It has yet to reach wide adoption and everyday purchases like a cup of coffee are not yet available in many major cities. However, the system is fast, economical, easy to use, and the team provides plenty of resources and help for new merchants.


  • The Dash network can pay for its own development
  • Easy to use


  • The PrivateSend service has some skeptical reviews and concerns
  • Huge premine
  • Needs wide adoption