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Most of the crypto minded people will see value in Datum but I struggle to see mass adoption on a public scale until we see massive information scandal. Datum could really make ..

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Datum (DAT)
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Privacy 1st
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  • Information privacy
  • Profit from your data.


  • General public don’t seem to care
  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


Information privacy, This has been an issue that we are seeing the dawn of. Facebook, with its recent scandal has exposed what most companies are doing with data that we submit to “free websites”. The data we submit is not ours and it hasn’t been from the moment we created our account. It does matter if its Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Youtube or Ebay, Information that we share is being sold and this is where Datum come in.

  • Information control
  • Advertising agencies
  • Information management

Datum aim to give the control of information back to the users so users actually own their own data. This allows users to also sell their data and ideally would also end up being the primary way in which users control who has access to their data.

Interested parties such as advertising agencies would make a request to the owners of the information and the owners could choose whether or not they wished to sell that information. Once a user decides to sell the information the buying party will be sent a decryption key and be able to access the data. Actual ownership of the information of the bought information remains a bit vague altho one could assume that the purchasing party now owns that piece of information.

In an ideal world this would be the way in which data is managed and if enough users start using this method of information management we could see industry giants accepting information in this way. In reality the general public don’t seem to care enough about their own privacy to make a difference and this could be a massive roadblock for the progression of Datum.

  • Roger Haenni
  • Gebhard Scherrer
  • VC Tran


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