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Abandoned Dead Coins

A coin or token is classified as an Abandoned Dead Coin when it has little to no information on why it has died. Abandoned Dead Coins are one of the most common Dead Coins..


Abandoned Dead Coins are one of the most common dead coins or the most common, this is for a number of reasons. If a coin or token has little information on why it died it falls into the default abandoned classification.

This is to not tarnish the developers reputation as there are some legitimate reasons coins get abandoned. For example the developer died, health issues or family issues while working on a project. We mention that in the affected projects.

Loss of traction

Over time coins can lose traction and just slowly fall down the rankings. Some updates are made but the coin keeps backpedalling, this can be due to a outdated blockchain or algorithm. The coin ends up dead.

Removed from exchanges

Coins commonly get removed from exchanges by not meeting the criteria, this can be low volume or wallet issues. Or even security flaws. This is very commonly with low volume coins that have slack development.

Top Reasons

  • Loss of traction
  • Removed from exchanges
  • Not listed on exchanges
  • Stagnation/Gave up
  • No nodes
  • Heath/Family issues
  • Unknown project history
  • Limited funding/Small team

Reasons 1

Not listed on exchanges

Coins that are not listed on exchanges end up dead due to the coin is very hard to trade and investors generally give up. Over time developers give up as well.

Stagnation/Gave up

Many dead coins will be stuck on one place for a long amount of time, the developers will eventually just give up and the coin will slowly drop volume till no one is trading the coin.

No nodes/Wallet issues

Low volume coins have limited nodes, in many cases this leads to no boy verifying transactions and the coin being listed as a dead coin.

Reasons 2

Heath/Family issues

Developers get sick or die in some cases. Depending on how small the project is this can have a massive impact on the price/volume. This can cause the coin to end up dead unfortunately.

Unknown project history

Many times when we are doing research into a dead coin, there is very little information on why it died, it could of been dead for over 3 years and only been a small coin. We list these coins as abandoned by default.

Limited funding/Small team

This can be a limiting factor in a coins growth. Causing the coin to fall down the rankings of other bigger coins. As without the funding, the developers will find it hard to stay involved on the project.

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