Beatcoin (XBTS)

Beatcoin (XBTS)


  • Started 2016, Still trading with low volume.
  • No social media active since early 2016.
  • Trading ticker (XBTS).
  • 1.5 million coins currently.
  • Available to trade on YoBit and Cryptopia.
  • Was built on a stand alone blockchain.
  • The website is down.
  • The Founder/CEO is Shockaftermoon (unknown).
  • Volume under $100 (24 Hour).

Beatcoin was founded in 2016 and is still trading with very low volume. Was added to the dead coins list due to the fact its ranked below 800 and the website is down. No updates, no social media since 2016 and the dev gave up. The Founder/CEO is unknown.

Looking at bitcoin talk, it sounds like the developer has given up, this project was too much for him and he has moved on.

Copy paste from old site

(beatcoin info 2017)

The idea of a digital currency in a decentralized system with a trustless consensus provided by strong cryptography is a new proposition in the history of music. .Beatcoin focus on the music world ,and aims to provide a solid choice for industry professionals.

From the most amateur composer, to the greatest dj,everybody can use beatcoin Employs a so called Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism to achieve the trustless consensus over the decentraliced network. A method of securing the network. This hands the creation of new Beatcoin back into the hands of the users and Beatcoin holders and away from large ‘miners’ and ‘mining’ farms.

This ensures that Beatcoin is fair for all and that everyone using Beatcoin is rewarded in accordance with their holdings and commitment to run wallets to secure the network on the X11 algorithm that was introduced with Darkcoin (now known as Dash) and is based around a series of 11 strong cryptographic proofs to verify transactions on the block-­‐ chain.

Screenshot from old site

Nothing to show.