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Digital Fund
Ticker: DTF
Launch: 2016
Death: 2017
Type : Coin
Supply: 54 Million
Founder : Hidden
Reason : Desertion

More Details : Digital Fund

Digital Fund (DTF) started in 2016 and finished in 2017, with a total supply of 54 million coins. The team/founder is hidden, The main reason this coin was listed is desertion.

(from old site) Digital Fund Digital fund was created in May 4, 2016, is the founder of a research team has deep block chain technology. For the current global boom block chain, the rise of digital asset situation, in August 2016, digital Fund in pioneering and entrepreneurial thinking and improve the Internet block chain innovation, service block chain technology entrepreneurial people, to expand China R & D block chain boom the basic idea, committed to science and advanced technology in the field and to explore the Internet, there are dedicated to outstanding youth in the digital block chain developed to provide professional support entrepreneurship support, training and guidance, combined with high-quality enterprises to integrate social resources to support digital assets chain, chain blocks in response to the national craze, which would love to help block chain technology scholars in the field of their own knowledge into productivity, creativity, and ultimately achieve the practice as a guide to the block chain as the main innovation development purposes.

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