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Electrify.Asia (ELEC) - Dead Coins

Electrify.Asia (ELEC)

Electrify.Asia was founded in 2017, it is trading on limited exchanges. Electrify.Asia was added to the dead coins list due to being Abandoned or No Volume. Founder/CEO is Julius Tan.


  • Main reasons for dead coin listing Abandoned or No Volume.
  • Started 2017, Ended 2019.
  • Social media ended active.
  • Trading ticker (ELEC).
  • 749,999,996 Tokens total.
  • Available to trade on limited exchanges.
  • Was built on Ethereum blockchain.
  • Website is still up.
  • The Founder/SEO is Julius Tan.

Further Details


Abandoned token.


https://web.archive.org/web/20180323100314if_/https://electrify.asia/#overview https://electrify.asia/ https://www.facebook.com/electrify.asia/ https://twitter.com/ElectrifyAsia


Screenshot Archived:


Existing Business

ELECTRIFY is the first retail electricity marketplace in Southeast-Asia addressing the need for transparency and security in the consumption of energy. With a GMV of over SGD$5 million to date, ELECTRIFY has transacted more than 30GWh of electricity for commercial and industrial customers since March 2017.

ELECTRIFY plans to develop a decentralised energy marketplace that runs on the blockchain.

As an improvement from the existing marketplace business in Singapore, the new MARKETPLACE 2.0 will
allow anyone to source for energy from commercial energy suppliers or to buy directly from a private producer
via ELECTRIFY’s peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform, SYNERGY.