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Ganja Coin
Ticker: MRJA
Launch: 2017
Death: 2019
Type : Coin
Supply: 22 Million
Founder : Hidden
Reason : Scaming

More Details : Ganja Coin

Ganja Coin (MRJA) started in 2017 and finished in 2019, with a total supply of 22 million coins. The team/founder is hidden, The main reason this coin was listed is scaming.

(from old site) Ganja Coin is not the first marijuana based cryptocurrency, but it is unique in its own way. GanjaCoin has the lowest supply out of all major marijuana cryptocurrencies. Also, although practically all the major competitors are run on proof of stake systems, GanjaCoin allows user to own masternodes to help secure the GanjaCoin network. The most unique value of GanjaCoin is the plan to open a marijuana retail dispensary where each gram of marijuana will be backed with the value of one GanjaCoin.

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