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HedgePro (HEDGE) - Dead Coins

HedgePro (HEDGE)

HedgePro was founded in 2017, it is not trading on any exchanges. HedgePro was added to the dead coins list due to being ICO Fail or Short Lived. Founder/CEO is Buturlin Ilya.


  • Main reasons for dead coin listing ICO Fail or Short Lived.
  • Started 2017, Ended 2018.
  • Social media ended 2018.
  • Trading ticker (HEDGE).
  • 1,000,000 Tokens total.
  • Not available to trade on any exchanges.
  • Was built on Ethereum blockchain.
  • Website is down.
  • The Founder/SEO is Buturlin Ilya.

Further Details


Failed ICO, Website down and no social media.


https://web.archive.org/web/20180831130002/http://hedge.pro/english https://www.facebook.com/hedgecoins/ http://hedge.pro/english


Screenshot Archived:



The world's first decentralized platform
for insurance courses cryptocurrency

Today, the main problem of all popular crypto -
high volatility and low liquidity.

Suppliers risk receiving a much lower payment for their goods and services due to sharp price hikes. Crypto currency can grow on the day of payment and fall before the supplier has time to transfer them into fiat money.

100% transparency

Decentralization of transactions allows you to access the platform for everyone.

Single Platform

The ability to hedge not only crypto assets, but also any assets and commodities traded on exchanges.

Rapid profit making

A simple tool for insurance of exchange rate risks popular crypto currency for all comers.

No risks

5 years of technology in international financial markets.

Complete anonymity

Personal data of any company or investor is reliably protected.

Any volume of transactions

The ability to insure and invest any amount for any period from 1 day to 1 year.