Jewels (JWL)

Jewels (JWL)


  • Started 2016, Still trading with low volume.
  • Social media still active.
  • Trading ticker (JWL).
  • 20.1 million coins currently.
  • Available to trade on YoBit.
  • Was built on a stand alone blockchain.
  • The website is down, redirects to some other site.
  • The Founder/CEO is Chris Cook and Roy Khan.
  • Volume under $500 (24 Hour).
  • Possible scam.

Jewels was founded in 2016 and is still trading with low volume. Was added to the dead coins list due to the fact it is ranked below 800 and the website is down. No updates, no liquidity and a possible scam. The Founder/CEO is Chris Cook and Roy Khan.

Copy paste from old site

(jewelsproject com 2016)

Jewels (“JWL”) is a gaming centered cryptocurrency developed for use across the MMORPGs (multi massive online role playing games) such as Apex Conquer and Conquer Heroes with extended functionality planned through a suite of provably fair games and further community partnerships.

The Jewels crowdfund was held as a means of enabling us to pursue our ambitious goal of “Project Rebirth” which will ultimately be a standalone MMORPG that heavily utilizes the Jewels currency.

Screenshot from old site