LiteCoin Gold (LTG)

LiteCoin Gold (LTG)


  • Started 2017 ended 2017.
  • Social media not active for 2 months.
  • Trading name (LTG).
  • 84 million tokens.
  • Not available to trade on any exchanges.
  • The website is down and budget made.
  • The Founder is unknown currently.
  • Scam token.

LiteCoin Gold is a scam and the developer admits this. He is trying to say it was because some other coin had the same ticker. As far as I know that does not matter. Either they did not do the research before releasing this token or just straight lying. Either way it is not a token working giving the time of day. They have now re branded to Lite Coin Golden. The development team is hidden on both LiteCoin Gold and LiteCoin Golden.

Avoid (LiteCoin Gold and LiteCoin Golden).