Operand (OP)

Operand (OP)


Main reasons for dead coin listing – Low Volume/No Updates/No Social/Limited Exchanges.

  • Started 2015, Still trading with very low volume.
  • Social media delted.
  • Trading ticker (OP).
  • 36 million coins total.
  • Available to trade on YoBit.
  • Was built on a stand alone blockchain.
  • The website is down.
  • The Founder/CEO is unknown.
  • Volume under $100 (24 Hour).

Operand was founded in 2015 and is still trading with very low volume. Was added to the dead coins list due to the fact its ranked below 1000, the website is down, no updates and social. The Founder/CEO is unknown.

Copy paste from old site

(operand money 2016)

Operand – “In mathematics, an operand is the object of a mathematical operation, a quantity on which an operation is performed. “In computing, an operand is the part of a computer instruction which specifies what data is to be manipulated or operated on, while at the same time representing the data itself.”

Operand is programmable money that brings the utility of everyday banking features to the unbanked and underbanked and empowers their adoption through the automata of the Operand protocol.

Operand is a currency that functions as a seamless and embedded economic layer on the web that serves as the technological underlay for payments, decentralized exchange, digital asset invocation and transfer, and smart contract issuance and execution.

By embedding the instruction set of the transaction into the transaction metadata, the blockchain itself serves as the interpreter for programmed transactions.

Is therefore able to create utilities that already exist in consumer banking such as direct debit payments or even standing orders. But in addition to this, is trustless and non-retractable whilst being fully accountable and transparent on the public ledger. The programmable aspect enables further security on every transaction as the clients must reach network consensus on the method of execution. Smart contracts can then be forged on all aspects of exchange.


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