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OrbitCoin (ORB) - Dead Coins

OrbitCoin (ORB)

OrbitCoin was founded in 2013, it is trading on limited exchanges. OrbitCoin was added to the dead coins list due to being Abandoned or No Volume. Founder/CEO is Unknown.


  • Main reasons for dead coin listing Abandoned or No Volume.
  • Started 2013, Ended 2021.
  • Social media ended 2021.
  • Trading ticker (ORB).
  • 3,770,000 Coins total.
  • Available to trade on limited exchanges.
  • Was built on standalone blockchain.
  • Website is still up.
  • The Founder/SEO is Unknown.

Further Details


Abandoned coin.


https://web.archive.org/web/20131005210507/http://orbitcoin.org/ https://twitter.com/OrBitcoinLove https://www.facebook.com/orbitcoin/ http://orbitcoin.org/


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Orbitcoin is a very secure and inexpensive way to handle payments.

The lowest fees out there

Orbitcoins high cryptographic security allows it to process transactions in a very efficient and inexpensive way. You can make and receive payments using the Orbitcoin network with almost no fees. In most cases, fees are not strictly required but they are recommended for faster confirmation of your transaction.

Protection against payment and chargeback fraud

Any business that accepts credit card or PayPal payments knows the problem of payments that are later reversed because the sender’s account was hacked or they fraudulently claimed non-delivery. The only way businesses can defend themselves against this kind of fraud is with complex risk analysis and increased prices to cover the losses. Orbitcoin payments are irreversible and wallets can be kept highly secure, meaning that the cost of theft is no longer pushed onto the shoulders of the merchants.

Fast international payments

Orbitcoin can be transferred from Africa to Canada in less then 1 minutes flat. In fact, Orbitcoins never have any real physical location, so it is possible to transfer as many of them anywhere with no limits, delays, or excessive fees. There are no intermediate banks to make you wait three business days.

No PCI compliance required

Accepting credit cards online typically requires extensive security checks in order to comply with the PCI standard. While it is a good thing to protect credit cards, Orbitcoin security is built in such a way that makes this approach obsolete. Your payments are secured by the network, not at your expense.

Instant transactions for points-of-sale

A Orbitcoin transaction is usually deployed within a few seconds and confirmed within 2 minutes. During that time, a transaction can be considered authentic but still reversible. If you need instant transactions, it is recommended to ask for a small transaction fee and use a double-spend detection system.

Get some free visibility

Orbitcoin is an emerging market of new customers who are searching for ways to spend their coins. Accepting them is a good way to get new customers and give your business some new visibility. Accepting a new payment method has always shown to be a clever practice for online businesses.


Orbitcoin also includes a feature, not yet well known, which allows coins to be spent only if a subset of a group of people sign the transaction (so-called “n of m” transactions). This is the equivalent of the good old multi-signature cheque system that you might still use with banks today.

Accounting transparency

Many organizations are required to produce accounting documents about their activity and to adopt good transparency practices. Using Orbitcoin offers the highest level of transparency since your balance and your transactions are public for your members so long as you keep them aware of your Orbitcoin addresses.

Note Orbitcoin can also be used in conjunction the TOR or the dark net, meaning companies can still hide their dirty work with ease if they was such a need, advanced programming mean’s Orbitcoin is perfectly designed for TOR and all other such systems.