PayCon (CON)

PayCon (CON)


  • Started 2015, Still trading with low volume.
  • Social media not active since late 2016
  • Trading ticker (CON), con? that is funny.
  • 23 million coins currently.
  • Available to trade on YoBit and Cryptopia.
  • Was built on a stand alone blockchain.
  • The website is down, says for maintenance…..
  • The Founder/CEO is unknown.
  • Volume under $500 (24 Hour).

PayCon was founded in 2015 and is still trading with very low volume. Was added to the dead coins list due to the fact its ranked below 800 and the website is down. No updates ever, no social media since 2016. The Founder/CEO is unknown.

From the looks of this project was just a scam, there never looked to be any effort into this coin, the website has been down for most of its life and the project even admitted being a scam, not sure at all how this coin ranks 800-1200. From doing some more research this coin was made as a joke but it still traded đŸ™‚

Copy paste from old site

(paycon quote) A revolutionary crypto based off some open source software. We plan to change the world by devoting 1 hour to making the client and building the world best website in under 5 minutes. Paycon promises to cure cancer, aids and all deadly diseases through the power of thought. World hunger?? We will fix that. PSN network down? Trust Paycon to save the day. Wonder who Satoshi Nakamoto is? We found him. Still looking for Kony? We caught him.

Screenshot of old site