Planes Cloud (PST)

Planes Cloud (PST)


Main reasons for dead coin listing – Failed ICO

  • Started 2017, Ended 2017.
  • Social stopped 2017.
  • Trading ticker (PST).
  • 50 million max tokens.
  • Not available to trade.
  • 450 ETH funded of 500 soft cap.
  • Was built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Website down.
  • The Founder/CEO is Randolph Foston.

Planes Cloud ICO was founded in 2017 and is not trading on any exchanges. Was added to the dead coins list due to the fact they did not reach the required soft cap of 500 eth. The Founder/CEO is Randolph Foston.

Money was refunded from ICO

Copy paste from old site (archived)

(planescloud io 2017)

What is the funding goal? What will happen if you want reach this minimum
The funding goal required for the project to start is 500 ETH. If this amount isn’t reached at the end of the ICO, every investor will be refunded.

On which platform the token has been issued?
The ICO is conducted with an Ethereum smart contract issuing ERC23 Tokens. The tokens are issued instantly upon reception of an Ethereum payment, however token transactions remain locked until ICO ends.

Where should I send the funds if I want to invest?
If you want to invest in the ICO, you just need to send funds to the following adress: 0xd7731adfeEcDb9Fe3A3dFd5f8c7aEf3bc9752483. The minimum accepted amount is 0.01 ETH.

Can I send you ETH directly from exchanger?
DO NOT send funds from an exchange or any address you don’t have full control over. Tokens will be issued to the sending address. There will be no possibility to retrieve your Tokens if they are lost.

Is there any bounty program?
Yes. You can earn tokens by participating in our Bounty Program. Check it out!

What will happen with the token price, if Ethereum price increases/decreases 10 times before ICO?
Price of PST will be fixed in USD once the Pre-ICO finishes to avoid volatility risks. PST tokens on ICO will be sold for exactly this price.

Screenshot from the old website (archived)

Planes Cloud