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Rhino Coin
Ticker: XRC
Launch: 2014
Death: 2014
Type : Coin
Supply: 20 Million
Richard Vincent
Reason : Desertion

More Details : Rhino Coin

Rhino Coin (XRC) started in 2014 and finished in 2014, with a total supply of 20 million coins. The team/founder is Richard Vincent, The main reason this coin was listed is desertion.

RhinoCoin is unlike any other crypto-currency, each RhinoCoin [XRC] represents an equal share in Rhino Records; the first decentralized record label and recording studio, all of its assets, productions, licenses and profits. RhinoCoin is a decentralized music label that owns its very own recording studio. On the first of each month all RhinoCoin holders will be paid a dividend equal to the previous months earnings of Rhino Records. The real world business fiat earnings will be converted to Bitcoin BTC then to RhinoCoin XRC and paid out to its corresponding shareholders. Dividends will be paid out in RhinoCoin on the first of each month and divided based on the balances of each Rhino Address. An potential update will allow users to request a Bitcoin dividend option.

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