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RouletteToken (RLT) - Dead Coins

RouletteToken (RLT)

RouletteToken was founded in 2017, it is not trading on any exchanges. RouletteToken was added to the dead coins list due to being Abandoned or No Volume. Founder/CEO is Unknown.


  • Main reasons for dead coin listing Abandoned or No Volume.
  • Started 2017, Ended 2018.
  • Social media ended 2018.
  • Trading ticker (RLT).
  • 10,000,000 Tokens total.
  • Not available to trade on any exchanges.
  • Was built on Ethereum blockchain.
  • Website is down.
  • The Founder/SEO is Unknown.

Further Details


Abandoned coin and Website down.



Screenshot Archived:


About our project

We’ve launched beta-version of «European roulette» on Ethereum smart contracts. We tried our best to make the game maximally functional and complete with the advantages:

  • random number generation and the payment of winnings are fully automated being controlled by the smart contract;
  • a great number of various types of bets, such as Corner, Split, Sixline, etc.;
  • the possibility of placing up to 64 bets on different fields at one turn;
  • smart contract source code is open at GitHub;
  • to start playing it’s necessary to install MetaMask extension for Google Chrome browser.
  • the game is available both in Ethereum main network (Mainnet) and test network (Testnet). After signing up in MetaMask a user gets several ETH coins for free and can test the game.
  • basic mathematical advantage over a player (House Edge) is equal to 2.7%. Thus, no matter how perfect the player’s game is and what strategies are used, the casino is always more lucky by 2.7% if analyzing quite long sequence of games. Casino’s effective work without house edge is impossible as it is this number that excludes any misuse and bankruptcy.