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ROX Coin
Ticker: ROX
Launch: 2014
Death: 2014
Type : Coin
Supply: Unknown
Founder : Hidden
Reason : Desertion

More Details : ROX Coin

ROX Coin (ROX) started in 2014 and finished in 2014, with a total supply of unknown coins. The team/founder is hidden, The main reason this coin was listed is desertion.

First off we would like to thank you for your support and criticism over the last few days. We want to take this time to make good on one of the development promises we made in the beginning, and also give folks a chance who did not get to mine coins during the first PoW period a second chance. This gives us a unique opportunity to kill three birds with one stone, we can offer TOR anonymous sending, a second PoW phase, and stop the attacks that forced us to stop the market on Bittrex. All of this is possible if we switch to a new codebase and blockchain. This will require a coin swap, which should be easy. If you have coins on Bittrex, they will be automatically converted.

1989 Dead Coins Total