1989 Dead Coins, Contact For Errors
Smart Chips
Ticker: CHIPS
Launch: 2015
Death: 2016
Type : Coin
Supply: 1.8 Million
Founder : Hidden
Reason : Desertion

More Details : Smart Chips

Smart Chips (CHIPS) started in 2015 and finished in 2016, with a total supply of 1.8 million coins. The team/founder is hidden, The main reason this coin was listed is desertion.

It's the future of Poker. No more centralized services who take away all your profit with high rake. SmartPoker is a decentralized poker client built on blockchain technology. The centralized poker sites still has an advantage with the ability to offer bonuses and stunning design, but SmartPoker has bigger features. It's free, trustless and really easy to use.

1989 Dead Coins Total