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Snowballs (BALLS) - Dead Coins

Snowballs (BALLS)

Snowballs was founded in 2014, it is not trading on any exchanges. Snowballs was added to the dead coins list due to being Scam or Other Issues. Founder/CEO is Unknown.


  • Main reasons for dead coin listing Scam or Other Issues.
  • Started 2014, Ended 2014.
  • Social media ended 2014.
  • Trading ticker (BALLS).
  • 280,170,409,108 Coins total.
  • Not available to trade on any exchanges.
  • Was built on standalone blockchain.
  • Website is down.
  • The Founder/SEO is Unknown.

Further Details


"From Bitcointalk Website" Put simply, I've had a lot of requests to do something with Nxt and until now I never really had a reason to. I've been convinced that there is an opportunity for us to get more people involved with these coins. We have GorillaStk on Nxt, also on SAE, which will be open fairly soon. These will be used to trade in for either 10k or BALLS and get a Cloud Staking Plan included. These will be sold in waves; size of sales undetermined and timing unknown, but price will never change. First wave will open very, very soon. Instead of an investment opportunity, think of this as a cheap voucher you can use yourself or give to a friend. Essentially, it's a $40 coupon for about 50 cents with no expiration date that is transferable and may or may not be worth more in the future