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Time Koin
Ticker: TK
Launch: 2012
Death: 2015
Type : Coin
Supply: Unknown
Founder : Hidden
Reason : Desertion

More Details : Time Koin

Time Koin (TK) started in 2012 and finished in 2015, with a total supply of unknown coins. The team/founder is hidden, The main reason this coin was listed is desertion.

Timekoin is the first non-experimental application of an open encrypted electronic currency system on a public network. The first concepts of digital currency date back to the late 1980s before the Internet was know as The Internet. Computer enthusiast would communicate with each other via modem dial-up bulletin boards and exchange files and messages. During those times, phone bills were high so online time was limited each day by system operators. Users would trade around time as currency in exchange for files or services. This time could be added to another users account so that they may use more "online" time on the bulletin board computer. Because this started to become it's own culture of digital currency of trading time, many bulletin board operators began limiting users ability to trade "time" and eventually lead to business models of giving limited free time and charging users to use more time pass the free time point. Because of the limited nature and expense of running a bulletin board system, the electronic currency concept at the time was given an early death.

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