WeAreSatoshi (WSX)

WeAreSatoshi (WSX)


Main reasons for dead coin listing – Low Volume/No Website/No Updates/Limited Exchanges.

  • Started 2014, Still trading with very low volume.
  • Social media limited posts.
  • Trading ticker (WSX).
  • 40 million coins.
  • Available to trade on Cryptopia.
  • Was built on a stand alone blockchain.
  • The website is down.
  • The Founder/CEO is Brian Nguyen.
  • Volume under $500 (24 Hour).

WeAreSatoshi was founded in 2014 and is still trading with very low volume. Was added to the dead coins list due to the fact its ranked below 1000, the website is down, no updates and limited social media. The Founder/CEO is  Brian Nguyen.

Copy paste from old site

(wsx co in 2014)

We’re actively looking for additional members to help out with our projects and goals. Our team needs your help immediately. Send us a Tweet @WeAreSatoshi to get started.

WeAreSatoshi Coin [WSX] is a peer to peer cryptocurrency designed to be fast, adaptable and with the goal of mass adoption to the mainstream market.

WeAreSatoshi Coin [WSX] was created to remind everyone that each of us can make a difference in the world. Since its launch, the original developer made it a priority to donate coins to charity and work with others to overall make a positive impact.

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