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Wexcoin (WEX) - Dead Coins

Wexcoin (WEX)

Wexcoin was founded in 2016, it is not trading on any exchanges. Wexcoin was added to the dead coins list due to being Abandoned or No Volume. Founder/CEO is Unknown.


  • Main reasons for dead coin listing Abandoned or No Volume.
  • Started 2016, Ended 2017.
  • Social media ended 2017.
  • Trading ticker (WEX).
  • 10,000,272,312 Coins total.
  • Not available to trade on any exchanges.
  • Was built on standalone blockchain.
  • Website is down.
  • The Founder/SEO is Unknown.

Further Details


"From Bitcointalk Website" Wexcoin is a new cryptocurrency that is simple to use, effortless to acquire and easy to trade. You can acquire Wexcoin from the exchanges or if your location has access then from the website (www.wexcoin.com). CryptoNitex is one of the first exchanges that will have Wexcoin to USD and Wexcoin to Bitcoin pairing to allow users to buy and sell coins within the platform. Moving forward, we plan for a listing on other exchanges such as Bittrex but more importantly, on exchanges that focus on the Russian and Asian markets. Wexcoin will facilitate the use of cryptocurrency in real life situations and make the transactions effortless for our users. We provide very low transaction costs through a fully functional iOS and Android App to enable mobility and even lower transaction costs through the Desktop Wallet, which enables larger transactions. To ensure that Wexcoin develops a fast growing user-base we bring a top-notch online support team that is ready to answer any queries you may have. In addition to all of this, Wexapp will include a news section with the latest updates from the Wexcoin team and direct in-app support for improving the usability of the overall model.


https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wexcoin/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1566119.0 http://wexcoin.org/