1989 Dead Coins, Contact For Errors
Ticker: CHILD
Launch: 2014
Death: 2015
Type : Coin
Supply: 2.1 Million
Billy Berlusconi
Reason : Desertion

More Details : X-Children

X-Children (CHILD) started in 2014 and finished in 2015, with a total supply of 2.1 million coins. The team/founder is Billy Berlusconi, The main reason this coin was listed is desertion.

If you see the joy of life in the eyes of your children; play and laugh with them every day, and hold them as close as possible to your heart, you can consider yourself a lucky human being. More than 500 children from Gaza can no longer play, laugh, or have the innocent life of a child because they have been unwillingly victimized by a war they are not responsible for. X-Children is a (Proof Of Heart) coin with the sole purpose of helping children like this be able to smile again. Together we can fight the cruelty of mankind with love and eradicate suffering with compassion.

1989 Dead Coins Total