Dogecoin (DOGE)

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Dogecoin was a coin that build around a meme, at the start of development i’m sure it was a jokecoin, but is has gain credibility as one of the best coins.

Our Joke Name

Dogecoin = Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Basic Intro

Link to the main website

Link to price/market cap

Exchange Ticker (DOGE)

Coin or Token

Circulating  (113,105,126,976 )

Block time (1 min)

Market Cap Ranking


Dogecoin is a old and trusted coin. They have kept it simple and friendly. With a helpful community and safe hidden payments.

Doge is a commonly used meme, there approach to the coin was to be much more lighthearted than bitcoin. Not so serious. It is one of the only top coins with a mascot.

Dogecoin has payments in under 5 minutes, so it is much faster than bitcoin. Lots of coins circulating so it makes working out payments easier than bitcoin.

Do i think Dogecoin will ever pass bitcoin? No not likely as it is too much of a joke.

But does it deserve to be top 50 coin? Yes. As it is easy to use and user friendly. There is no need to go on and on about your tech just to make a simple payment, like some other coins.

Company Message

( Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide.


  • Quicker than bitcoin
  • Easy and Simple
  • Has a mascot


  • No backing
  • Payment not instant