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For now I will be sticking to Pokerstars when it comes to gambling, This isn’t to say that Edgeless is bad by any means. Edgeless is a fantastic technology that provides great i..

Basic Intro

Name (Ticker)
Edgeless (EDG)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
117.0 million
Total Supply
117.0 million
Volume (24H)
8.3 million
Fun Name
Casino Token


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  • Smart contracts
  • 0% house edge (questionable)


  • Game selection
  • No physical or digital backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Seems to still have glitches


Edgeless is a gambling platform designed to do exactly what its name suggests. It provides a uniquely fair casino where the house has no edge. It is the first of its kind.

Key Features

  • Edgeless is an officially licensed casino
  • The house has 0% edge
  • Edgeless is the first ERC20 Token casino
  • All games are run on smart contracts
  • Bankroll staking
  • Casino transparency

Edgeless solves the problem of transparency. They do this by building their games on smart contracts. Smart contracts are the utility that makes cheating by the casino impossible and provides confidence to its users with users having the freedom to check the operations of the contracts.

This is an advantage of building your casino on the ethereum blockchain. Any payments being received or sent by the casino will be instant and Edgeless do not take fees. In my experience with Pokerstars withdrawing your money can take upto a few days and they addon their own fee to the withdrawal process.


This is unique feature that is in the development scope for Edgeless. It allows players and and investors alike to stake their bankroll which provides liquidity for the casino. In turn the casino would provide a return to the stakers when the casino makes a profit.

This is a growing pain that Edgeless has to suffer. It is the first of its kind and implementing different games that adhere to its architecture is not an easy task. Edgeless have stated that they plan on having dice, sports betting and poker out by Q4 of 2018.

Company Message

Experience fully transparent and 0% edge gambling online.


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