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Emercoin (EMC)

Emercoin (EMC) - Security Coin

Emercoin (EMC) offers a range of services as mentioned above in order to have a successful platform EMC token plays a huge role in keeping everything in line...
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Emercoin's current price is $0.070 USD. In the past 24 hours, Emercoin's price has increased by +847.6 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Emercoin (EMC)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
48.1 million
Total Supply
1.0 billion
Market cap
3.3 million
Fun Name
Security Coin
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  • Securty
  • Range of services
  • Open-source


  • Lacking Social
  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


Emercoin (EMC) is a hybrid between recently reviewed Peercoin and Namecoin. Emercoin aims to offer a name-value system that will include an incorporated DNS server, that also includes a proof of work and proof of state system whilst making use of SHA-256 hashes. The Emercoin Blockchain relies on EMC tokens to offer a range of services such as EmerSSH, EmerSSL, EmerDPO and EmerDNS. The white paper can be viewed at https://bit.ly/2IBYhff (15 Pages)

  • Emercoin services
  • Client-server SSL certificates
  • Anti-counterfeiting service
  • Domain names services
  • Optimization of transactions
  • Technical features
  • Returns

Emercoin (EMC) offers a range of services as mentioned above in order to have a successful platform EMC token plays a huge role in keeping everything in line. EmerSSH is decentralized secure shell management that also includes access control in order to suit needs of most admins by making it nearly impossible for anyone to access root certificate keys.

EmerSSL allows for decentralized management of client-server SSL certificates as well as SSL-based authentication that doesn’t need passwords, this works a service known as “Infocard” that stores electronic business cards, in turn makes middleman attacks near impossible.

EmerDPO aims for an anti-counterfeiting service that provides users with digital proof of virtual and physical items/services, in turn this allows users to ensure when something is yours it remains yours.

EmerDNS allows for domain names services to be provided such as securing, recording and proving ownership in a decentralized manner, in turn this prevents other users from altering your record. With many similar blockchains offering services, Emercoin plans to be unique with its key data organization system that allows for use valuable data without any need for confusing coding languages or vast quantities of storage space to newcomers.

Emercoin has its very own optimizer, which deals purely with transactions in order to be efficient. Any records created in the process will be compressed up to ten percent from its original size. This means it is put step ahead of similar blockchain competitors in terms of compressing block size. However there is one major consequence, this optimization affects transaction speed immensely. Since current data sets do not breach a certain size this means no splitting is necessary and no additional hashes are claimed which means the transmission takes place immediately. The user experience is similar to other blockchains where after a transaction has been carried out, no further confirmation is required which means tokens can be easier sent around but also easier for hackers to steal if not in a secure wallet.

Emercoin offers many technical features, that allow for an advantage over other similar blockchains. Firstly it offers a hybrid proof of work and proof of state system that solves problems that would occur in the pure proof of work system. Currencies that suffer from the pure proof of work system is Bitcoin due to it being at risk of attacks from the share when mining due to rewards and miners decreasing. (To read about certain attacks check out the Peercoin article as Emercoin uses the same hybrid proof of work system).

Due to the proof of state it offers a guaranteed 6% return as well as making mining faster than mining other such as infamous Bitcoin. This means No high-end hardware is necessary that allows users with low-end hardware to make a passive income compared to before when they stood no chance. This makes Emercoin available to all which allows it to be portrayed to new users who want to make a passive income.

Overall Emercoin (EMC) could become really well-known for its range of services it offers to users in different situations. However, they are lacking promotion in social media areas which could be a cause for it not increasing in the market. In whole watch out for this project it has great potential and is definitely worth it taking an even deeper look through the huge amount of open-source information shown on Github which can be found on their website or at https://github.com/emercoin .


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