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Endor Protocol (EDR)

Endor Protocol (EDR) - AI Predictions

Endor Protocol is the google for predictive analysis. Thanks to the Social Physics technology, Endor’s predictions are scalable, accurate and assessable to all...
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Endor Protocol's current price is $0.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, Endor Protocol's price has increased by +2.1 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Endor Protocol (EDR)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
710.8 million
Total Supply
1.5 billion
Market cap
1.4 million
Fun Name
AI Predictions
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  • Won awards
  • Available on over 10 Exchanges
  • High quality team


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • More of a software than a currency


Endor Protocol is the google for predictive analysis. Thanks to the Social Physics technology, Endor’s predictions are scalable, accurate and assessable to all. Endor tries to make big data available to all, not just the multi-billion companies with whole departments of data scientists at their disposal.

Endor is a potent solution for business owners who know to ask the right questions like:

  • Who their audience is?
  • How can it be acquired?
  • Which products to launch next?


  • Social Physics technology
  • Endor.coin protocol
  • Public data provider
  • Processed data provider

“The engine that drives social physics is big data: the newly ubiquitous digital data now available about all aspects of human life,” MIT professor Alex Pentland wrote in his book Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread: The Lessons from a New Science in 2014.

Today, the MIT’s brand new Social Physics technology AKA Endor.coin is a trustless, decentralized, censorship-resistant blockchain-based protocol for behavioral prediction. It boasts an X10 higher trend prediction accuracy and it is powerful enough to analyze fully encrypted data for patterns.

The protocol is designed to enable inter-communications among a wide array of players like data providers, analytics engines, etc.

Yes, the protocol does not analyze data. But in enabling communications between data-providers it serves as a catalyst for the synergic creation of shared prediction engines any party may benefit from.

Endor provides the infrastructure for harvesting and processing large volumes of data from various sources to then be uploaded into the Endor.coin network as analysis-ready data. If we were to talk sources, they are currently the Bitcoin Blockchain, the ERC20 Blockchain, and other minor blockchains. Additional sources will include entire feeds from social media networks like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

Endor would jump on the data analytics train alongside other parties to provide its own computing capabilities into the shared processing pool. The project will contribute its ability of scanning data clusters for behavioral patterns.

Endor boasts an impressive team of creators and advisors. Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, the CEO of Endor has a proven track record of utilizing data science. His shared efforts in “Social Physics” with Professor Alex “Sandy” Pentland have already helped the government of Singapore to improve the ability of traffic jam predictions. It is these studies of two MIT professors that paved the wat for Endor.coin.

All in all, the team is filled to the brim with renowned data scientists and blockchain experts like Stav Grinshpon, David Shrier, and Professor Mihaela Ulieru.

Endor’s list of advisors is as promising. Guy Zyskind, the founder of Enigma, Dr. Nuira Oliver, the director of Research and Data Science at Vodafone, the founder of Israeli Bitcoin Association Ron Gross, and others are there to help Endor reach the stars.

EDR or the Endor Tokens will be used as a payment mechanism for the additional services provided by the Endor.coin network.

EDR will be used for:

  • Purchasing of the DIY predictions and use of the self-service API.
  • Payment for data providers.
  • Data analysis in the cloud.
  • Personalized cloud-based solutions.

The Endor project won a series of prestigious awards. It was recognized as a “Technological Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. The research the project was based on won the McKinsey Awards and the DARPA

Network Challenge

No wonder here. A project was backed by Fortune-500 investors with companies like “Coca-Cola”, “Walmart”, and “MasterCard” in their portfolios couldn’t have underperformed.

And as a cherry on the icing, we have Endor’s impressive press coverage. The project was featured on Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Coinspeaker, HackerNoon, Investopedia, Inc. etc. The list goes on.


We have a very solid project that solves important issues and has a wide market of business owners to cater to. Our prediction? EDR will only grow over time. Get on the hype train while you still have a chance.


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