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EvenCoin (EVN)

EvenCoin (EVN) - Self Mining

EvenCoin is a new self mining smart contract where no hardware is required to mine EvenCoin but it gets mining in parallel to even numbers of Ethereum blocks...
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EvenCoin's current price is $12.730 USD. In the past 24 hours, EvenCoin's price has decreased by 0.0 percents..
Name (Ticker)
EvenCoin (EVN)
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Active Supply
Total Supply
Market cap
3.8 million
Fun Name
Self Mining
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  • Lots of exchanges


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Many red flags
  • Poorly written whitepaper
  • Possible scam


EvenCoin is a new self-mining smart contract where no hardware is required to mine EvenCoin but it gets mining in parallel to even numbers of Ethereum blocks with ERC20 compliant with a total supply of 100 Million coins. Unlike Bitcoin where energy & infrastructure is required to mining coin EvenCoin is a self-mining currency in conjunction to even numbers of Ethereum block. Hard core genesis collected from top 4000 crowd sale contributors. All genesis gets equal mined coins over a time period. of 15 years.

  • Code
  • Mining
  • BitRecharge
  • EvenChain
  • Exchange

EvenCoin attempts to offer a fair understanding between EvenCoin users & expert developers, so they have made source code of contract available for anyone to read through on github, one can find link for same on their official website www.evencoin.io Unlike traditional mining where miners need to purchase high ends costly hardware which would eventually depreciate in value over the time and pay huge in electricity cost for mining, EvenCoin offers the smart way to mine the currency.

As stated earlier EvenCoin being self-mining smart contract does not require any mining hardware, the mining runs parallel to Ethereum even numbers of blocks for over 15 years by 4000 pre- selected miners only. From all contributors towards crowdsale only 4000 top contributors / coin holders would be considered as hard core genesis and would receive mining share of 85% remaining supply mined at each Ethereum even number of block as for 15 years, as show in below chart, so mining of EvenCoin never depreciates.

From the team of EvenCoin the upcoming project BitRecharge which would offer Domestic & international flights, hotels & holidays using BitCoin, Ethereum & EvenCoin, e-commerce support, where in EvenCoin can be trades for products / services around the globe.

EvenChain is a multi crypto based wallet where users can easily & safely store BitCoin, Ethereum & EvenCoin visit www.evenchain.io Also in coming days you can trade EvenCoin for BitCoin & Ethereum directly from EvenChain wallet itself.

EvenCoin team is also upcoming up with its own crypto currency exchange similar to HitBTC, Kraken or Cryptopia offerings with fiat currencies integrated on to it. It would facilitate users to easily deposit / withdraw & trade using fiat currencies with possibly the cheapest fees across the industry.

Evencoin reeks of scam from miles away. None of their claims are backed with any proofs whatsoever, all of their team is anonymous. The whole concept is really weird and there’s not much appeal to it.


The Evencoin project is overall really sketchy. Their whitepaper is full of mistakes and it is written so unprofessionally that it would almost seem that an illiterate person wrote it. Overall, extreme caution is advised.