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Fantom aims to be the world’s first Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) based smart contract platform that solves the issue of scalability and confirmation times of the existing blockchai..

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Fantom (FTM)
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Fast Platform
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  • Lots of exchanges
  • Good team


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Long time till main net launch


Fantom aims to be the world’s first Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) based smart contract platform that solves the issue of scalability and confirmation times of the existing blockchain technology. The goal is to provide secure and fast transactions via an open-source and permissionless platform. Fantom differentiates itself by incorporating smart contract dApp infrastructure into a DAG-based platform so that it offers instant payment, near zero cost and infinite processing scalability.

The Fantom ICO was quite well marketed and managed to bring quite a lot of attention. The company, registered in the Bahamas, managed to raise over $49 000 000 for their project.

  • Opera Core Layer
  • Opera Ware Layer

OPERA Infrastructure is the core of the FANTOM ecosystem. In the OPERA Infrastructure layer, information on transactions, Smart Contracts, and Story that arise from various applications in areas such as Payments, Deliveries, Commerce, and Reputation, as well as the outcome of operating the data of the current and previous event block at the computation layer are each mapped in the control Layer. The control layer evaluates whether certain operations for a given transaction or smart contract have been accurately calculated. It also records all details that are required to write a Smart Contract. Further, it verifies operations performed by the computation layer and physically maps each event block data to the infrastructure layer.

The computation layer analyses traffic received from the control layer and classifies the types of services.
The Interface layer creates an environment where each Application accesses the FANTOM OPERA Chain. It manages and supervises accounts that participate in each network, and limits and certifies the authority of nodes.

The OPERA Ware layer provides open source APIs, Smart Contract scripts, a functional programming language, Wallets, and Middleware. In the OPERA Ware layer, the FANTOM token is a fundamental component of transacting. In addition to this core functionality of FANTOM tokens, OPERA Ware allows the payment of the appropriate reward associated with transactions. The FANTOM OPERA chain provides a Smart Contract script editor. It facilitates writing Smart Contracts by allowing the entry of various transaction conditions that fit the characteristics of a DApp.

There aren’t many issues with the Fantom Project. Most team members are based out of South Korea and they seem legitimate. However, the competition among next-generation blockchains is fierce. Fantom is a new project and it’s in a relatively early stage of development compared to some of its competitors. Also, the mainnet launch is currently scheduled for 2019 Q3, which is over a year away from the ICO. By that time, there will be a lot more competitors in the sector, many with the goal of solving the issue of blockchain scalability.


Fantom is a relatively new project for us to make any strong conclusions. The idea behind it seems solid and DAG infrastructures are quite an interesting subject currently in the crypto space. We’ll be waiting to see how development unfolds, and what the future holds for the Fantom team.


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It is a hype

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Fantom is a bunch of hype right. It's all hype, main net that is not launching till q3 2019. So I mean after that ICO, what's gonna keep it up but I mean I think I've been told to be having good people working behind them and I think the team behind them is gonna be good.

I think I heard those through different channels, they'll know the good market maker, something like that.


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