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FREE Coin (FREE) - Crypto Freedom

The name FREE coin stands for the fact that this currency is free from any form of centralized control that’s done by banks, governments, and enterprises...
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FREE Coin's current price is $0.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, FREE Coin's price has increased by +1.5 percents..
Name (Ticker)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
8.0 trillion
Total Supply
10.0 trillion
Max Supply
10.0 trillion
Market cap
1.0 million
Fun Name
Crypto Freedom
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  • Volunteers
  • Good idea
  • Help the crypto trust


  • No direct backing (asset, profits, commodity)
  • Possible manipulation


FREE Coin is primarily a social project that does its best to spread the usage of cryptocurrencies all over the world. The team that primarily consists of volunteers and ambassadors strives to increase global wealth through the acceptance of crypto.

The name FREE coin stands for the fact that this currency is free from any form of centralized control that’s done by banks, governments, and enterprises who tend to value their interest more than the wellbeing of people.

The FREE Coin project focuses on 3 main goals:

Cryptocurrencies have undeniably spiked the interest of billions of people. Sure, not everyone who’ve heard of crypto has invested in the industry just yet, but their numbers, especially among the generation of Millennials, will inevitably rise.

That being said, the cryptocurrencies that exist today simply don’t have the supply to cover the predicted demand. And even if they did – imagine what would happen if a billion people were to invest in a single currency? Its price would skyrocket thus butchering the very concept of “exchange of value”. Coin owners would simply have too much money to do anything with them.

FREE Coin, on the other hand, does both in terms of infrastructure and the volumes of coins. It can support billions and is sold at such a low price (some of the coins will be given away for free) that the increase in investors won’t break the economy.

What backs the FREE Coin? What ensures its value? Well, nothing in particular as of now, but the same can be said about Euros and US Dollars. These currencies are entirely dependent on trust.

Bitcoin is yet another example of a trust-based currency that raised in price because it was used by those who have believed in its value. FREE Coin relies on the same model. The team is sure that the currency will gain more value over time because of its spread – 10.000 Billion FREE Coins. That’s 1,400 coins for every living person on the planet!


FREE Coin is a particularly interesting project that is, as many have put it, “crazy enough to work”. Its biggest strength, however, is FREE Coin’s greatest weakness – the coin is based on a good idea. It is only backed with intent. Will it work in our capitalistic world? We guess that only time will tell…


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