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FuzeX (FXT)

FuzeX (FXT) - FuzeX

The FuzeX (FXT) allows consumers to view/spend their cryptocurrency holdings without breaking a sweat as they spend the cash in their financial balance...
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FuzeX's current price is $0.000 USD. In the past 24 hours, FuzeX's price has increased by +24.0 percents..
Name (Ticker)
FuzeX (FXT)
Price (USD)
Active Supply
846.0 million
Total Supply
1.1 billion
Market cap
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  • Travel Ready
  • Listed on over 10 exchanges


  • No backing (asset, profits, commodity)


FuzeX (FXT) is a blockchain service that allows users to be able to use for day to day spending. As a result, the transactions are encouraged with the help of this blockchain, it even provides a digital card to the users which allow for purchasing goods or services fast and reliable. The digital card features a magnetic strip and a chip with three unique option buttons to see how much is on the card and what type of currency. A downside, however, is the card is too thick from the rechargeable battery to perform transactions on a normal terminal. The white paper for can be viewed at https://bit.ly/2DhFE22 (24 Pages)

  • How It Works
  • Benefits of Using FuzeX

The card which joins FuzeX accompanies the power on and the power of the element. Also, you will be able to enter the stick codes effectively, notwithstanding that you can approve the installments effectively too. This is one of the fundamental points of interest which you have with regards to the FuzeX card. Likewise, the distributed exchanges can be effortlessly started with the assistance of this card. This is the motivation behind why it is so helpful. Notwithstanding that you can without much of a stretch utilize it with the assistance of the remote association to be able to use all the essential tools that the FuzeX card features. Along these lines, a wired association isn’t at all essential. Since this innovation is somewhat new members should take after a specific method for spending to have the capacity to use the money they have accumulated.

Numerous donors are attracted to the FuzeX for the interest of consolidating both acknowledge/charge exchanges for remunerations on a safe e-card. The brand is confident to the point that they are considering it the “Future of Payment.”

  • Real-time exchanges to ensure that consumers can access their transactions and ability to spend their cryptocurrency efficiently.
  • The various reward accounts on the card’s display to show where the user wants to pay from.
  • Storage for up to fifteen cryptocurrency accounts, ten credit and/or debit cards, and five rewards cards.
  • Two-factor authentication and protection from theft for every transaction.


The FuzeX (FXT) allows consumers to view/spend their cryptocurrency holdings without breaking a sweat as they spend the cash in their financial balance. The advancement right presently will assist speculators with getting an extraordinary reward for their initial exchanges, which will give a lot of significant worth as the member spends more over a length of time allow for rewards to expand into the inevitable future.